A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Giant ROM 2 Game Jam.

Theme: "What Hideo Kojima Does Next"

"A game inside a game inside a flashback inside a podcast inside an alternate timeline."

In an alternate 2015...One Vincent Caravella tries to play Hideo Kojima's first game after Metal Gear - 'Critical Crisis' - but house and family troubles have another thing in store for him.

"Critical Crisis" Controls:

WASD - movement

Arrows - shooting

Vinny Controls:

Mouse Left Click

Made By:

Kevin Pauly - @kevin_pauly

Greg Kozma - @TheGregKozma

Sahil Tandon - @sahilcodes

Install instructions

Simply run the .exe in the .zip folder.


Caravella's Critical Crisis.zip 54 MB


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That was a well deserved 1st place for the Giant ROM 2 jam, congratulations! :) It had an own kind of humor, the concept of a two-in-one game was super neat and I also liked the retro flair thanks to the visuals. Really some very sweet work. <3 Happily I recommended it in an article as well as I uploaded a quick gameplay video of it. :)

Best wishes,


This game is incredible and deserves to win all the prizes (Critical Crisis gets hard as Fuck, the last boss is ridiculous but I finally beat him and Hawk's cigar mimics my heart)